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i'll add it when i'm done eating


dating tip: ask them to show you their recently used emojis so you can count your matches and see if you are compatible


learn from singers to use every breath you take

Best ART FAN links!




The craziest and coolest 3D tattoos

These are some fantastic street art and graffiti pieces.

Statues, now also dressed better than you!

Can you believe these 3D drawings?They’re jaw-droppingly good.

Warning: These tattoos are actually disturbing 

Photos so trippy you won’t believe your eyes. 

The Most WTF Tattoos You’ll Ever See (10 Pics) 

These 10 Photos Are Going To Seriously Mess With Your Brain. I Absolutely Love #3. 

Check out Amazing Origami Art! We think #1 is awesome! 

Have you wondered who’s behind NYC’s coolest graffiti art? You’ll def recognize #12  

Have you seen these crazy vintage ads? We think #7 is really shocking! 

i just bumped in those links and i was freaking out lol

Fuck the graffiti are HELLA.

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don't think like that babe. you have so much to live for! keep your chin up! ik this is cliche but it does get better, I know that for a fact bc it did for me and I am very happy now. waiting it out is your best option, try to make the best of everything even tho it's hard sometimes. and please don't do anything that you'll regret. think of your future and all the amazing things you're gonna do! (traveling around the world, getting your degree, getting married, etc.) that always helped me!
- Anonymous

Thank you. I honestly thought like that before too. I used to think about the future on how much happy it would be. But these days, I don’t anymore. I realized that not everyone’s future is going to turn perfect and happy. I’m happy for you though that you’re enjoying life. I hope you’ll be motivated and happy for the rest of your life.


i wish i didn’t care about anything. about grades, appearance, what others think of me, my parent’s and classmate’s expectations and the list goes on. 

because it all makes me feel like crap and a fucking failure


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here’s a tip

if someone says they don’t drink, they don’t fucking drink

respect it


when you clearly ignore someone but they keep talking to you