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My name is Shanice and I hope you have a great day.

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i was crying in art class today and this girl was all “why are you crying?” and i didnt really wanna answer and we sorta know each other so i was all “why arent YOU crying?” and then she looked at me and ACTUALLY sTARTED TO CRY  I just?? wAS NOT PREPARED FOR THAT

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My name is Shanice. I blow birthday candles every December 02. I like drawing and I also like using tumblr 24/7.

For business inquiries:

I check out blogs, just give me an ask. But I don't follow back! I won't reply to any of the messages but I promise I do check every single blog! I can vote for you, just send me the link to my submit box. I also reblog stuff just send it to my submit box. I will only reblog what I like.